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About Us

We provide a multidisciplinary arts education to youth in underserved communities and youth and young adults with autism and/or other intellectual disabilities in Baltimore City. We aim to strengthen creative skillsets by utilizing art exhibitions, musical theater, art therapy, creative writing, and entrepreneurship education. 

Our Arts Center

Our goal is to provide access to the arts and to create an environment for youth to learn and develop skills in performing arts, visual arts, entrepreneurship and creative writing. Through the arts, this will allow them to develop confidence, responsibility, communication skills, and explore the keys to problem-solving in order to face the challenges in the world around them today.


We plan on doing this through our after-school and summer programming with content centered around accentuating the unique gifts and talents of our participants. A space for students with autism and minority students in underserved communities within Baltimore City to have access, learn, develop, and excel at various visual and performing arts opportunities in order to assist them in pursuing their life purpose.

Meet the Founder


Kammeran Giggers, Founder of R.I.S.E, discovered her love for theatre at the age of ten in Baltimore. 


After performing as a professional actress for several years, Kammeran, founder of R.I.S.E, moved back home to Baltimore and began teaching Performing Arts at a private school for students with special needs.  


Students who were non-verbal would sing solos in front of an audience. The arts had a way of defying the odds for these students and in turn, pushed them to their greatest potential across all academic subjects and in their personal life.  Kammeran knew that there needed to be an increase in arts education everywhere.


The arts play such an important part in the lives of young people and being able to provide more arts opportunities for these students in the Baltimore City community is what further led Kammeran to form R.I.S.E. 

Upcoming Events

Join our upcoming Open House on January 7, 2023 from 12 to 2 PM at Eubie Blake Cultural Arts Center! Click HERE to register today!

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