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Inclusive. Supportive.

Welcome to The R.I.S.E. Arts Center of Baltimore, Inc.

 Our mission is to provide a multidisciplinary arts education to youth minorities and youth with autism in Baltimore City. Our goal is to create an environment for youth to learn and develop skills in performing arts, visual arts, and creative writing.


The R.I.S.E. Arts Center provides one-on-one attention and interactive

group workshops/courses.

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Theater & Musical Performances

Our programs are designed for teens (ages 14-17) and kids (ages 10-13), and provide an active, creative learning experience where students have the ability to interact with instructors and classmates, while also creating original work.

Visual Arts & Creative Writing

We offer visual art and creative writing classes to children and teens at all levels. Students may enroll at any time for art classes. Artwork curriculum focuses on teaching each student individually.

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Movement & Dance

We introduce ballet, tap, jazz, and African dance,  techniques using dance terms and examples to enhance students' knowledge of the art. We incorporate our original dance music to further their dance experience.

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